Sundt at the San Diego Airport

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Project Pursuits

Admin Office Building

This is an opportunity Sundt is currently pursuing with SDIA.

The existing Airport administration building is in conflict with other proposed improvements projects such that these projects cannot be completed until the Authority is relocated.

Airfield pavement

This is an opportunity Sundt is currently pursuing with the SDIA.

The San Diego Airport’s capacity for carrying passengers is limited by its single runway. However, the new Taxiway A and other airfield upgrades would improve efficiency and help reduce aircraft taxing times.

Additional Opportunities

SDIA is actively improving many elements of its facilities. Check this page for upcoming opportunities for subcontractors and vendors across a variety of upcoming and potential projects.

These opportunities come up quickly, so check back often.

Completed Projects

Facilities Management Department

Airport Support Building

Terminal 2 Elevated Departure Roadway

Terminal 2 USO

Rental Car Center