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Shortlisted Subcontractors will be identified in PlanetBids by trade package. Shortlisted subcontractors are to meet/exceed trade specific Local, Small, Veteran Goals.

To see who the prospective shortlisted bidders are by bid package, visit How to View Bid Packages & Identify Prospective Bidders Per Bid Package

The Airport Cargo Facility is being procured using a Best Value Scoring method enabling increased local, small and veteran (L/S/V) business participation.

The project team looks forward to the participation of the local subcontractor and supplier community throughout the course of the project. The Sundt team is committed to maximizing opportunities.

How Does Sundt Intend to Provide

Maximum Opportunities to Local, Small & Veteran Firms

To meet the project goal, Sundt will be packaging the work into smaller scopes by splitting the project into North and South work areas (where appropriate); as well as work with larger companies to reach out and mentor/team with L/S/V tier-subcontractors, vendors and suppliers. In this spirit, major trade contractors will be required to provide opportunity for L/S/V firms to participate in the Best Value bid process and will be scored accordingly.

Packages & approximate time frames of release are listed below

(subject to change)

Early Release Packages & Site Preparation


Two-Step Process Deadline – TBD

Remaining Site Construction & Finishes


Two-Step Process Deadline – TBD